WebSolutionsPH General Terms & Conditions:

1. If the domain name and hosting package are provided by WebSolutionsPH, the client needs to identify himself/herself by providing his/her credentials at the time of the final delivery of the website.

2. The domain name is provided by the domain name registrar, WebSolutonsPH shall not be responsible for any problem with the domain. The client has to get in touch with the domain name registrar itself and deal with them accordingly if in case a problem occurs.

3. WebSolutonsPH does not manage any server. We provide hosting services via shared / reseller hosting packages from GreenGeeks. If there is any problem with the hosting service, it has to be rectified from the respective company on whose server your website is being hosted. GreenGeeks have their policy towards the use of their hosting packages. They hold the right to stop any hosting package if any malicious activity is done from any hosting account. We do not provide any type of access to the cpanel to the client for the websites hosted on our hosting packages. Sites which are hosted on a shared server may have to face some restriction from the hosting service provider company. WebSolutonsPH will not be held responsible for any loss due to such restrictions.

4. WebSolutonsPH does hold the right to suspend any domain / hosting account if we are informed by the Domain Registrar / Hosting company about any misuse.

5. Regarding our web development packages – Products & Categories upload task is not included in the package. The number of products uploaded on the website is limited by the webspace and CPU usages. Web Space & Bandwidth allocated in small, medium & large business and e-commerce package must be used for the specified number of pages only. Real-time taken may differ based on the project requirements. Time taken to complete a website depends on the time taken by the client to give responses to our technical team’s queries on the content and other things. A delay might cause due to time taken in setting up the domain and hosting package. Freebies include CRM / ERP / Project Management software / Forum / Blog / Customer Support software (any two of these, these will be free editions with no customization, based on the availability, the final decision lies with WebSolutonsPH).
6. Regarding Support: Support is only provided for hosting related issues, if the client is hosted with us, we will take the support for the corresponding hosting service provider on behalf of the client. If the client has his hosting, no support will be possible once the website work is completed.

7. The final Project offering will be based on the proposal sent to the client.

8. If a demo for front-end and back-end is sent to the client, the website will be 100% as the demo is. The demo will be considered as the final proposal. If the client has any special requirements, he/she has to mention it before making the advance payment for the website. No customization will be accepted once the advance payments are made.

9. The advance payment of every project is 50% down-payment and progress billing until reach 100% of the payment.

10. All the contents put on the client’s websites are according to the instruction from the client and WebSolutonsPH. We will not be responsible for any copyrights / IPR infringement.

11. Package information & offers on the website are only for the indicated purposes it might change at any time without prior notice. Proposal sent to the client will be considered the final thing.

12. Content (text/images) to be put up on the website should be provided by the client in a proper format in one-go.

13. The point of contact for the project can not be changed midway. The person who started the communication should continue with it until the end of the project. Inclusion of a new person midway the project affects the project work.

14. If the client doesn’t send any modifications for more than 15 days, the project will be assumed completed and no further requests will be accepted. The client will be asked to make the final payment. If he failed to do so, his/her website will be suspended with immediate effect.

15. The client will be responsible to manage his/her website after the delivery of the project. Any modification/addition on the website after delivery of the project will be taken up as a new project.

16. The client will be provided admin panel access only after the final payment is made and after his/her consent on the completion of the work.
17. The free domain only includes domain names per website packages. Any costlier domains will cost additional to the clients
18. The area of jurisdiction will be in the Philippines in case of any dispute.
19. Check out our Refund Policy here
20. Terms & Conditions can be changed without prior notice.

Terms for Website Design Service –

1. The website will be made on WordPress / Shopify.

2. Themes will be used for design and design customization will be limited to the options provided in the theme customize panel, themes used will be Premium themes if the package belongs to Lite Package, Pro Package, and Premium Package.  Free theme is the default theme if the client did not provide any themes to use on his/her website and with limited customization as free thems had lower customization options can be used.

3. Package does not include any specific web elements like table, form, etc until unless specified explicitly. ( except the simple inquiry form with maximum 4 fields – name, email id, contact number & message).

4. Content for the informative part of the website (text as well as images) must be provided early to prevent delays of the project and in the final format at once at the beginning of the project itself, any changes to the content later will be charged accordingly. Content for one page shall not exceed 300 words, it will be considered a different page if the content exceeds this limit.

5. Once the primary work on the website is completed, the client will be sent a link to the website to check and give their review. The client must provide their review within 3 days. If we don’t receive any review from the client in 3 days, we will consider the project completed and ask for the final payment. Any corrections coming after 3 days review period will be considered as a new project altogether and an additional cost will be charged for the same.

6. Until unless a specified number of iteration for any website project is ONE. All corrections should be sent at once within the 3 days review period.

7. The client will be responsible for managing the website after delivery.

8. The client must not make any changes to the basic structure of the website like theme/plugins and must not add any new theme/plugins and must not update any component of the website as any of it may cause non-recoverable damage to the website and client will be solely responsible.

9. We suggest Domain & Hosting Account and if the client agreed it will be add on the package.  If the client did not agree he/she will be bought his/her domain and hosting and provide credentials of the hosting services for us to access and attach the website.

10. For hosting we can provide FTP account access if requested by the client, in no case cpanel access can be granted in the final delivery.

11. GreenGeeks will not be responsible for any problem/delay with the website beyond its control like (but not limited to) Email, hosting & domain-related issues.

12. Clients getting domain / hosting from our side need to provide the credentials of hosting services before delivery.

13. Domain, Hosting & Email Ids are subjected to renewal every year or 3 years depends on the package at the specified rates. Any delay in renewal may cause the website to shut down and eventually deleted within 30 days from the due date. The client will be solely responsible for any data/business loss to him in such a situation.

14. Proposal/quotation sent to the client is the final thing, offers/pricing on the website may change.

15. Refund requests will be processed as per the rules mentioned on the website.

16. The client acknowledges that WebSolutonsPH reserves the right to update the terms and conditions as provided in this Terms and Conditions at any time without prior intimation.

17. All the above said terms will be considered accepted in case no written objection is received before the advance payment is made for the project.

18. The governing law of this Agreement shall be the law of the Philippines. Subject to the dispute resolution clause below, the courts of the Philippines shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising hereunder.

*renewal costs for domain and hosting may increase based on the market price. Unlimited product, categories, space, bandwidth, and email ids are limited by the number of inodes which can not exceed 10,000 under any circumstances. SSL security is provided of hosting services for 3 years of use in free.

Terms for SEO Service

1. The objective of the SEO work is to bring your website’s respective pages in the First Page search results of Google for the given keywords at any position. We can’t guarantee the first position or any other particular position on the first page.
2. Usually, the time taken to bring up the result is 70-90 days. It might take longer based on the competition in the market.
3. As the competition in the market is dynamic and keeps changing, there is no guarantee of the results. It might take longer than usual or may not come at all. We keep on working to achieve the expected result. The client has to make the monthly payment for the period for our continued efforts.
4. Google policies also change from time to time. Any such change might impact your website’s ranking. Our team will work as per the new policies and try to bring your website ranking up provided you continue with the contract.
5. More keywords can be added at $150/month/keyword. Old keywords can not be replaced with new keywords.
6. The monthly price is subjected to revision every 3 months or at any major change in Search Engine’s policies.
7. Monthly payment must be made within the first 3 days of the monthly period.
8. The client can choose to stop the service at any point in time if not satisfied with the results. Any refund requests will not be entertained in any such case. The result achieved by the SEO process might vanish once the service is stopped.
9. If due to any unforeseen reason WebSolutonsPH stops the service, we will stop it only after completing the monthly period for which the payment is already made.
10. WebSolutonsPH reserves the right to change the policies at any point in time.
—————————– ———————–

Terms for Digital Marketing Service

—————————— ———————–
1. Our team at WebSolutonsPH works with 100% effort to bring the expected results for the client but based on the nature of business and competition in the market the results of the work may vary. Variation in the results shall not become the reason for premature termination of the agreement.
2. WebSolutonsPH will have all the right to decide matters related to the advertisement like Ad creative types, target audience, and whatsoever falling under the ambit of the advertising media.
3. In case the contract is not taken further, our team will delete all the data created in the client’s ad account and the client will not use any ad-related data whatsoever in the future.
4. Any amount to be paid for any paid campaign on Google Adwords / Facebook or any other platform has to be paid by the client directly in addition to the retainer fees. Any miss-billing happened at the Ad agency e.g. Google Adwords / Facebook etc will not be WebSolutonsPH responsibility.
4. The client acknowledges that WebSolutonsPH reserves the right to update the terms and conditions as provided in this Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
5. All the above said terms will be considered accepted in case no written objection is received before the advance payment is made for the project.
6. The governing law of this Agreement shall be the law of the Philippines. Subject to the dispute resolution clause below, the courts of the Philippines shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising hereunder.